How To Upsell On Dental Appointments

  19th January 2016

A dental surgery is in a unique position in the healthcare industry, in that most patients will visit the clinic for check-ups even when there’s nothing wrong with their dental health – meaning that those surgeries who have teeth whitening offers can really market their services to the patient database.

There are some simple ways to market your teeth whitening services to potential customers, all of which can be achieved through your usual correspondence.

Phone marketing
When patients call in to book a check-up at the dental practice, talking about your services should be part of your reception team’s routine. Knowing that a patient has been a customer of your teeth whitening service before suggests they may be interested again, so letting them know about any current deals or simple asking if they’d like to book another session may be enough to land extra business.

The best way to achieve this is for your team not to try and sell hard to the patient as to make them feel uncomfortable, but instead to connect with the patient on any concerns and issues they may have.

Appointment reminders
You are sure to find yourself sending reminders out to patients who are due a check-up by email or by post – so why not include information about your latest teeth whitening deals in your correspondence? Print flyers may be eye-catching when opened in the mail and in email, simply add a link to the latest deals on your website, so the customer always has a reference as to current prices and offers.

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