Why Telephones Are Still A Dental Practice’s Best Friend

  15th March 2016

In the age of social media and email, you might think the best way to tell your patients about your latest non peroxide teeth whitening services is online – and if so, where does that leave your practise’s phones on your priority list?

According to a new article from Dentistry.co.uk, dental practises really shouldn’t overlook the importance of calls to and from patients going forward. Dr Larry Emmott, the author of the article, says that patients relationships with their dentists and surgeries is still a very personal one. “When I book a flight, I don’t have to know the pilot personally. But when I am at the dental practice, I need that personal relationship and I think people are still looking for that one-on-one connection,” he says.

He also makes the case that phones tie into something that may already be a prominent part of your business – online reviews. While SEO may put your practise in front of potential patients on Google, it is personal recommendations that are likely to convert them – whether that’s from friends and family or other patients who have reviewed you online. Using the phone as part of your customer service will ensure a better connection with your patients, making them feel more valued.

And, of course, the phone is a powerful marketing tool for converting and upselling to patients. Spoken conversations allow ideas to be introduced and explained quickly with the full attention of the customer. Someone who is considering tooth whitening treatment may read an email, be interested but forget to act upon it, whereas in a phone call, a booking could be made then and there. 

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