Selfie Culture ‘Causing More People To Seek Dental Work’

  16th February 2016

The rise of the selfie culture could provide opportunities for dentists to encourage more young people to try teeth whitening products instead of having corrective procedures.

According to the Daily Telegraph, more individuals are asking for dental work to correct what they perceive as 'horse teeth' in photos they take of themselves. However, experts are claiming extensive work should be dissuaded because photographs often distort how teeth look.

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith, the clinical director at the London Smile Clinic, said the primary problem with selfies is that pictures are typically shot from close range.

"Teeth often look more protruding than they are in real life and appear 'horse-like', which can also be emphasised by the unflattering light of the flash," he stated.

Mr Bradstock-Smith said the clinic has seen a 30 per cent increase in the number of people who email through photographs because they are worried about their front teeth.

He added that many patients have to be convinced to avoid unnecessary treatments and major intervention work. Although, if people are concerned about the quality of their smile, less invasive options such as teeth whitening could provide a better option.

Medics suggest the best way to take a selfie is to use a selfie stick. This creates greater distance between the person and the camera to prevent unsightly distortions.

Recent research showed selfies may provide clues about the person in the photo. The study found that traits such as agreeableness, openness, neuroticism and conscientiousness can all be derived from people's selfies. 

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