Top Advice For Festive Dental Hygiene

  4th January 2016

If you have lots of patients coming to your teeth whitening clinics this holiday season, make sure you impress upon them the importance of good dental hygiene at this time of year.

Let them know that it may be better for their teeth to eat chocolate at Christmas dinner for pudding rather than Christmas cake, as the sugar on the dried fruit can stick to your teeth for longer, contributing to tooth decay.

Additionally, you should tell them to do their best to avoid snacking, although this can be very difficult over Christmas when everyone is busy munching on lots of tasty goodies throughout the day. Grazing constantly is terrible for teeth so impress this upon your patients if you can.

Remind them before they get up out of the dentist chair how best to go about brushing their teeth as well. They shouldn’t be brushing them directly after eating and should wait at least half an hour if they can. Teeth should be brushed twice a day, morning and evening, for at least two minutes each time to get them properly clean.

Rinsing is also inadvisable because it means you’re getting rid of all the helpful fluoride in your toothpaste that can help to protect the teeth. Check to see if your patients are flossing as well – anyone over the age of 21 should be flossing their teeth and gums once a day in order to protect their teeth.

Gum disease can strike anyone at any age, so it’s important you let people know just why they should be flossing.

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