Coconut Oil Vs Toothpaste

  4th January 2016

Dentists and beauty salons keen to advise their patients on how best to keep dental decay at bay, while using teeth whitening kits to give them that perfect Hollywood smile, may want to recommend that they start using coconut oil.

There’s quite a lot of buzz about this particular product at the moment and it appears to have many and varied health benefits, from aiding with weight loss and helping diabetics to using it as a hair mask to help lock in moisture.

However, it’s also been suggested in the past that coconut oil can help fight Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that sticks to teeth and produces acid, which can contribute to decay.

Certainly, it may not be advisable to give up on your current dental regime but it might be worth trying to incorporate coconut oil in your daily tooth-brushing routine to see if it can make a difference. You should consider advising your patients to continue going to see the dentist twice a month for check-ups and suggest that they have a chat with them to see whether they think it would be worth having a go.

If your patients are adamant that they want to continue just using regular toothpaste, make sure you tell them that they should use one with fluoride in it. Fluoride can really help improve dental health because it strengthens the tooth enamel, so teeth are instantly more resistant to decay. It can also reduce the amount of acid bacterium on your teeth can produce. Children should also use a fluoride toothpaste.

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