Smile Bright This Festive Season!

  3rd December 2015

The festive period is now very much upon us so no doubt dentists and salons will be keen to stock up on different teeth whitening products in order to keep up with demand as people are eager to look their best for their Christmas parties.

Chances are that your customers may not have considered teeth whitening gel before. If so, why not remind them that no matter how well dressed they are, if their smile isn’t as bright as it could be or their teeth have yellowed somewhat in the last couple of years, it could be a great idea to really make them look amazing this year.

You’ll find there are several products out there you can offer your customers – and now would be the perfect time for them to start so they can have their Hollywood smile all ready for all those Christmas parties that are just around the corner.

If you want to experience the products that The Teeth Whitening Company has to offer, you can always get in touch with us to order some discounted samples. It’s important that you have the chance to experience our products – all you have to do is pay the cost price and postage costs.

For example, you can order samples of our non-peroxide kit, our 15 per cent Carbamide Whitening Gel and our 35 per cent Carbamide Whitening Gel syringes so that you can trial what you plan to invest in before you part with any money. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our products, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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