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What Advice To Give Patients Ahead Of Easter

  4th March 2016

Easter is much like Christmas in many ways, as it sees lots of people gorge on superfluous amounts of sugar. While their chocolate intake may be excessive just for a...

Advice To Give Patients On New Year Diets

  26th January 2016

You might be seeing a lot of patients coming into your teeth whitening clinics who are attempting to overhaul their image for the new year. For many people, this includes...

The Sugar Smart App – Great For Dental Patients

  8th January 2016

It might be worth reminding your patients coming to your teeth whitening clinics about Public Health England’s (PHE’s) latest smartphone app, Sugar Smart, which has been...

Top Advice For Festive Dental Hygiene

  4th January 2016

If you have lots of patients coming to your teeth whitening clinics this holiday season, make sure you impress upon them the importance of good dental hygiene at this time...

Popular Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed

  29th December 2015

Celebrities always look a million dollars when they strut down the red carpet, making ladies all over the world envious of their toned bodies, flawless skin and styled hair. So...

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