How To Start Your Own Teeth-Whitening Business

  4th January 2016

If you run a beauty salon and want to branch out, or perhaps you’re keen to start a new business venture in the new year, then teeth whitening training could be the perfect choice for you.

This is booming business at the moment as more and more people try to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile – so why not cash in on this and start offering it as a service at your place of business?

It’s important first of all that you undergo the appropriate training before you start offering this service to customers. In order for you to do teeth whitening, you need to qualify as a dentist, dental therapist, clinical dental technician or a dental hygienist so make sure that you have the necessary qualifications and paperwork before you start marketing your new service.

Once this is all in place, you can invest in a teeth whitening package that comes with everything you could need to get started, from eye goggles and cheek retractors to tweezers, latex-free gloves, whitening systems and cotton wool rolls.

Now that you have all the necessary equipment at your disposal, you can start practicing on friends and family. Once your confidence levels are up and you feel you’re ready to go, start letting people know that your salon is able to offer this as a service. You’re sure to have lots of people knocking on your door making enquiries about what you’ve got to offer.

Make sure as well that if you have a website you make it very clear that you’re now able to offer teeth whitening to patients.

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