Why Telephones Are Still A Dental Practice’s Best Friend

  15th March 2016

In the age of social media and email, you might think the best way to tell your patients about your latest non peroxide teeth whitening services is online – and if so, where does that leave your practise’s phones on your priority list? ... read more

Tooth Wizards & Dental Hygiene

  15th March 2016

It is essential that children understand the importance of good dental hygiene, so they can develop excellent habits as they grow up. One way dental practices that offer teeth whitening products could teach youngsters about looking after their oral hygiene is by introducing a friendly... read more

What Advice To Give Patients Ahead Of Easter

  4th March 2016

Easter is much like Christmas in many ways, as it sees lots of people gorge on superfluous amounts of sugar. While their chocolate intake may be excessive just for a few short days, eating that much sugar can still have a detrimental affect on teeth. ... read more

How Can Teeth Whitening Training Help My Business?

  26th February 2016

There are many benefits to attending teeth whitening training courses, particularly as new innovations are released regularly that could affect how your business provides services. Before selecting a course, it's important to check that qualified professionals will be conducting the sessions. For example, at... read more

Poor Dental Hygiene ‘Can Increase Stroke Risk’

  23rd February 2016

Dental hygienists and nurses currently undergoing teeth whitening training should always stress the importance of good oral hygiene to their patients, especially given the results of a new study revealing an association between oral bacteria and certain types of stroke. Conducted by scientists at the... read more

Selfie Culture ‘Causing More People To Seek Dental Work’

  16th February 2016

The rise of the selfie culture could provide opportunities for dentists to encourage more young people to try teeth whitening products instead of having corrective procedures. According to the Daily Telegraph, more individuals are asking for dental work to correct what they perceive as 'horse... read more

Providing Quality Teeth Whitening Products

  11th February 2016

As a business, it’s vital that you make sure the teeth whitening accessories and other such products are safe and legal to use. Here at The Teeth Whitening Company, you can rest assured that all the products we supply adhere to the specific... read more

Advice To Give Patients On New Year Diets

  26th January 2016

You might be seeing a lot of patients coming into your teeth whitening clinics who are attempting to overhaul their image for the new year. For many people, this includes going on a diet, whether they want to shed their Christmas pounds or transform their... read more

Teeth Whitening Advice: What To Tell Patients

  26th January 2016

If you have patients expressing an interest in teeth whitening gels and other such systems for ensuring a brighter Hollywood smile this year, make sure you find out about their medical history first and advise them on the appropriate use of teeth whitening products. For... read more

How To Upsell On Dental Appointments

  19th January 2016

A dental surgery is in a unique position in the healthcare industry, in that most patients will visit the clinic for check-ups even when there’s nothing wrong with their dental health – meaning that those surgeries who have teeth whitening offers can really... read more

The Sugar Smart App – Great For Dental Patients

  8th January 2016

It might be worth reminding your patients coming to your teeth whitening clinics about Public Health England’s (PHE’s) latest smartphone app, Sugar Smart, which has been launched to help prevent tooth decay. The app is part of PHE’s Change... read more

Top Advice For Festive Dental Hygiene

  4th January 2016

If you have lots of patients coming to your teeth whitening clinics this holiday season, make sure you impress upon them the importance of good dental hygiene at this time of year. Let them know that it may be better for their teeth to eat... read more

How To Start Your Own Teeth-Whitening Business

  4th January 2016

If you run a beauty salon and want to branch out, or perhaps you’re keen to start a new business venture in the new year, then teeth whitening training could be the perfect choice for you. This is booming business at the moment... read more

Coconut Oil Vs Toothpaste

  4th January 2016

Dentists and beauty salons keen to advise their patients on how best to keep dental decay at bay, while using teeth whitening kits to give them that perfect Hollywood smile, may want to recommend that they start using coconut oil. There’s quite a... read more

Smile Bright This Festive Season!

  3rd December 2015

The festive period is now very much upon us so no doubt dentists and salons will be keen to stock up on different teeth whitening products in order to keep up with demand as people are eager to look their best for their Christmas parties. ... read more

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