Supreme Whitening Kits

The first At Home Kit with Dental Strength Results .We have developed the most effective whitening system available on the market today. The Home whitening kit utilises the same Light technology as used by Dentists worldwide. Available in Non Peroxide form. Just 20 -30 minutes wear time over 5 days will give you fantastic results normally associated with paying £ss for In surgery Treatment.

Artic White Non Peroxide Home Laser Kit - Just £29.99

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Kit Contents - JUST £29.99

  • High Power 6 led Light with Tray
  • Large 10 Ml Gel enough for 10-20 applications
  • Protective Tray Box
  • Full International Instructions
  • Monitoring Shade Guide
  • Application Spray and Brushes
  • Full CE Conformity

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The Technical Bit

The colour of teeth is determined by the enamel and dentin which over the years is subject to aesthetic discoloration. Enamel and Dentin are permeable which means they absorb external substances .Teeth are mainly stained due to external factors such as ,smoking,red wines,tea,coffee and very often due to childhood antibiotics causing tetracycline staining.

However here is the good news!

The Advanced whitening treatment line was developed to reduce thes imperfections and recreate that shiny Bright smile.

Using LED lIght Treatment the same power siource as used in the Dentists, it is an efficient remedy for improving the colour of the teeth.

It is important to also note the inclusion of nitrate and fluoride in the formulas to minimise or avoid any sensitivity.