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​Hig Volume Sales and Profits from this new Innovative Kit -HOT Selling item New for 2016

The NEW Arctic White Mobile System

16 LED Lights –Highest Availible in EU  

Now   Whitening On the Go ! At Home!On the Beach ! In Fact ANYWHERE .

This Brand new whitening System works for this fast moving busy world .Compatible with Mobile Phone,Tablet .Laptop and Computer What more could you need >

The system comes comlete with 2 x2Ml OR 1X4Ml Whitening Pen ,These contain High strength whitening Gel .Use only for 20 minutes daily to achieve that white bright smile .

This light is the same strength as used in Dentists whitening and is the first of its kind to be available in this Mobile Format .

And with the ease of use, just plug in to your Android/Apple/Tablet in fact nearly all electronic Devices and you are set to go .

The High strength Gel will lift staining and give you that shiny white smile .

As easy as 1-2-3

So try this new innovative whitening system today

Just £12.50inc + post and packing

 Teeth Whitening at Home –at Fraction of the Cost !!!!!

1. Increased Effectiveness of Whitening Gel. Studies show that LED lights can help teeth whitening gel work more effectively. The light speeds up the reaction that occurs between the active ingredients in the gel and the stains on your teeth, so whitening occurs far more rapidly. This is especially true with yellow and brown staining. With this LED tray, it's easy to get the benefits of LED lights. Once you have the tray in place, it shines the light right onto your teeth, so you don't have to try and keep your mouth open in front of a separate light source.

2. More Lights Than Other LED Trays. You can find other LED light trays on the market, but none feature the same six high power light design as our new teeth whitening tray. Most have three lights, while a small number offer five lights. The additional lighting makes for brighter illumination and more pronounced whitening benefits.

3. Deeper Whitening Results. The effectiveness of teeth whitening depends on the whitening gel being able to fully reach the stains. If you have any food particles or plaque on your teeth, it can make a barrier to whitening. The 6 LED Light and Dental Mouth Tray helps to eliminate that barrier while you whiten.

Set at 480 nanaometeres same as the Dentists Light

4. Cleaner Teeth and Healthier Gums. By removing plaque, the 6 LED Light and Dental Mouth Tray helps to promote healthier teeth and gums. Plaque is the substance that hardens into the tartar that your dentist has to scrape away when you visit the office. The bacteria it contains eat away at the dental enamel, causing cavities, and can irritate the gums, causing inflammation that can lead to gingivitis and then gum disease. The light tray is an effective way to remove plaque and support a healthier mouth.

5. Easier Timing. With the  LED Light and Dental Mouth Tray, it's much easier to time your sessions. The device will shut off when the recommended treatment time has elapsed. Timing your sessions accurately is important to ensuring good results and avoiding irritation.

6. Ready to Use Right Away. The 6 LED Light and Dental Mouth Tray comes with batteries, so you can start your whitening treatments as soon as you're ready.

You can purchase this and many other Whitening Products @www.advancedwhitening.com

 Prolong the Effects of the Whitening Treatment

Users can prolong the effects of an LED tooth whitening kit by watching what they eat and drink. Coffee,, red wine,, soda, and iced tea can stain the teeth and shorten the lifespan of the whitening treatments. Vividly colored foods and food with strong acids can have the same detrimental staining effect. If users are careful about their consumption of such foods and drinks, their whitening treatment should last for several months or perhaps a full year.

 Considering Product Safety

Buyers should ensure that the LED tooth whitening kit that they purchase is FDA-approved. Most products on the market are safe for consumer use and parallel the products used in dentist's offices. The treatment is designed not to damage or alter the teeth, but rather to simply enhance their surface appearance


Fixed Voltage: DC6V(CR2450 3V*2)

Light Intensity: 2000~3000 mcd

Light: 16pcs LED

Wavelength: 460~480nm

The security of natural whitening agents.
The whitening works by oxide reduction. The splitting up into very small molecules, allows the whitening agent to permeate and dilutes in the interprismatic enamel spaces. The result is that teeth are brighter, lighter and cleaner due to the light reflective effect.

With "The Smile" treatment. teeth are whiter. Clinical results on a large number of clients demonstrated up to six shade lighter teeth. Furthermore, "The Smile" whitening concentrations have potassium nitrate and fluoride additives to reduce sensitivity.

The colour of the teeth is determined by the enamel and dentin which, over the years, may be subject to aesthetic discolouration. Enamel and dentine are permeable, consequently subject to absorbing external substances.

Teeth are mainly stained due to external factors such as smoking, coffee or tea, fluoride or natural phusiological tooth aging; or in the case of internal agents such as tetracycline based drugs, direct or indirect traumas or tooth devitalization.

"The Smile" whitening treatment line was conceived to reduce these aesthetic imperfections and to restore teeth to their natural whiteness. The chemical and parmacological evolution of our whitening treatments has made the product available for anyone's use. Simple and safe to use. It is an efficient remedy for improving the colour of teeth.

it is important to street that the presence of potassium nitrate and fluoride in the formulas, to minimise sensitivity, reinforce enamel and reduce cavities.

All teeth whitening kits include easy to follow instructions, shade guide and application brushes!

2 strengths of 16% or 35% carbamide both working in an extremely short time to life staining and plaque.

The kits can be easily ordered right here on The Teeth Whitening Company and we are happy to discuss what best suits you to make sure you get the best product for you and your business.

We supply 100's of clinics and salons with these kits and our gels are stored in refrigerated storage to maintain freshness. We have gels, trays, tray boxes and kits - in fact, everything you need!!

Anywhere, anytime! The perfect impression every time!





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