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What is remineralising gel?

Enamel is an opaque colour and when it is thick our teeth look and feel white and glossy because it hides the dentin underneath the enamel and reflects the light.  Although enamel is the hardest and full of more minerals than any other substance in our bodies it becomes eroded because of acids produced by plaque sapping the minerals from it. The enamel then becomes pitted and more susceptible to staining. 

Remineralising gel replaces the minerals lost naturally to give teeth a white and glossy feeling with healthier gums.

Reminerlising gel is similar to vitamins and minerals for your teeth.

A great way to revitalise tooth enamel on its own or after the teeth bleaching.

Use at any time or for 5 minutes after the teeth whitening session.

1 Syringe of 3ml (up to 6/7 clients per syringe).


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