The Walk-in, Walk-out System

This system offers great flexibilty for the Salon as the application is mostly self-administered - a 'Walk-in, Walk-out' system.

These can be single sessions with repeat top ups or a one time 3 application to get maximum results and allowing for occasional top ups after. The client is given instructions and left to apply the tray for whitening - they should, however, be monitored during the process.

This can be a 30 minute session from start to finish and can be sold as a sessions pack to the client - so for a great price they can be assured theyhave a course of treatments to maintain that white smile!

Each client kit comes as one person usage and completely disposable - No Mess, No Fuss! You can choose a Mobile or Salon Light and each kit comes with:

  • 1 light of your choice
  • 20 single treatment kits
  • Copy disclaimer form
  • Copy aftercare card
  • Shade guide
  • Instructions
  • Bonus Offer - Choose 20 non-peroxide pens to give to your clients for aftercare

20 treatment kits included - sell these at just £69 and the system is paid for! After kits are just £8.50 each making £60 profit!

10 a week = £690!!
12 months = £33,000!!

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